Monday, May 04, 2009

Signing: Eastline Books

Just a quick note to let you know that I will be doing a signing for Unikirja May 30th at Eastline Books in Clifton Park, NY. The fabulous Robyn Ringler hosts many events at her independent book store and it's a great place to browse -- in fact, she'll be having a big sale that day. I expect there will be a lot of walk-ins and will be playing my kantele to intrigue them.

What's a kantele? That's tomorrow's topic (yes, it includes magic). In the meantime, off to the post office and then back to grading.


Elle Parker said...

Good luck! I hope the signing goes well!

Elle Parker

Galen said...

The very best of luck at your signing, I know they can be gruelling, and sometimes, disappointing.
Galen Kindley

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Hope you have a successful signing and sell lots of books!

Jina Bacarr said...

I have found the best booksignings occur when the author is involved in doing a reading or a demo of something related to your book (I've often dragged heavy silk kimonos, obis, parasols, fans, etc. to booksignings for The Blonde Geisha).

I'm sure you'll be a success--I can't wait to find out more about your kantele.


Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

Hope that everyone who walks through the door of the bookshop is in a buying mood. Good luck!

Jane Kennedy Sutton

Karen Walker said...

Best of luck at the signing. Can't wait for tomorrow to hear more about kantele (sp??)

Karen Walker

N A Sharpe said...

Have a wonderful book signing! Personally, I like talking to the readers at these events. Looking forward to tomorrow's post!

NA Sharpe

Dr.Mani said...

If nothing else, the BBT will enhance my knowledge of everything Finnish! Now, I'm off to Google 'kantele' and leave you to sign books :-)

All success
Author: "Think, Write & RETIRE!"

Anonymous said...

Good for you getting out and doing the signing - best wishes for you on that. Nowadays authors have to use personal appearances AND all the techno-internet stuff to have a well rounded publicity campaign.

Marvin D Wilson