Friday, July 27, 2007

Son of Necon Recap

[Before we head off to see the Simpsons Movie, let me try to cover a little more]

Let's see -- when we got back to campus, I caught the end of the "So Funny I Could Scream" panel, where I heard Gahan Wilson express his contempt for those wacky video clip programs that simply show people getting hurt or embarrassed. It was lazy and worse, mean-spirited, he said.

I started to sit through the "Horror in the Family" panel about juggling two creative people in the same household, but the siren call of the dealer's room was too strong. Lots of things I could not possibly afford, but a few cheap and useful things, too. Michael Borden was there as usual, tempting us with rarities. He even kissed my hand and gave me the friend discount even though I only bought a few paperbacks. he had many cool things to show, including an early nineteenth century book of Hogarth engravings and a heretofore unknown early photograph of Lovecraft, looking youthful and doe-eyed. We took a first look at the art show too, featuring the breath-taking work of Artist GOH Tom Kidd, wacky pseudo-artifacts from Cortney and some cute Skeery items from Beth Massie.

At the artists reception, we caught up with Elena and Rod again, as well as Marianne Plumridge and Bob Eggleton, whom we had met at Rod & Elena's anniversary party. We all scarfed up the tasty desserts, then headed upstairs to hear the special announcement: The Necon Hall of Fame! Prompted in part by Charlie Grant's death, the Necon regulars (including the Booths and Craig Shaw Gardner) decided the history of horror needed to be honored in a special way. It was fitting that most of the inductees were there -- and surprised. Many turned their thanks to reminiscences of Charlie (which would continue more officially on Saturday), some tearful, all heartfelt.

For dinner we headed over to the Lobster Pot with Elena, Rod, Bob and Marianne. Later we were joined by Tom and Andrea, too. It was a beautiful night to sit on the harbor and enjoy our meal and conversation. Afterward we took Elena back to the quad and stayed up late again with the usual rambling conversations.

Movie time -- gotta go!

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