Thursday, July 19, 2007

Idleness on the Road

Off to Necon this afternoon, by way of West Hartford where we make a quick stop at the Vampire Bed & Breakfast, since we'll be heading over with Rod, The Birthday Boy, and Elena.

Knowing those pesky Goth Scouts, they'll be tagging along, too. They'll have the whole con schunkeling by Friday night, I'm sure.

Last night we headed up to Saratoga Springs to meet Crispinus et his long-suffering uxor, Krista, for a tasty dinner at Sushi Thai Garden. Of course there was some difficulty immediately -- how to choose? Ha ha, -- choose? That's for suckers! We had some shumai to start with (mmm, tasty!) and I had to have at least a little sushi (unagi) before my thai entree, Macadamia Beef. Mmmm! Never had macadamia nuts in meat dish -- nice complex sauce with wonderful flavors (although I'm not sure it rated one chili hotness -- still have to remember we're on a Northeast spice meter now). I tried a little of Gene's Basil and Chili with shrimp which had terrific flavor, too. We'll definitely be back (superb service, too).

We demurred from ordering dessert there, however, so we could go to Humpty Dumpty's for the very finest chocolate/vanilla swirl with a dip top (well, that's what I had, some people turned down the dip top opportunity -- hmmph!) and argue about whether that was a cravate or a belt that he was wearing. It's always a race to finish the cones before the melting overwhelms you or the mosquitos do. A perfect way to end a visit to the Springs.

It was so humid after the downpour yesterday that a mist hung over the city as we drove away. It's humid today, too; maybe it will be cooler in Rhode Island. But, yes, it's still less humid than Houston!


The Queen said...

I fully expect you to win the Hawaiian Shirt contest. A plaque will be placed in the Aloha Alcohula if you do so...


C. Margery Kempe said...

You have no idea how competitive the Hawaiian shirt contest is! We weren't even in the running -- well, in part because that's when we were at the Lobster Pot enjoying fine seafood on the harbor, but also because throughout the day we had seen some amazing shirts. We're mere amateurs.