Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Publication: Imagineer

According to McFarland's page anyway, the book is "available for immediate shipment." Amazon yesterday said it was "available special order only"; today it says "only 1 left in stock!" Who knows?

At least the table of contents is up at the publisher's site, so we can see my essay "Imagineer: Clive Barker’s Queering of the Conservative Bent of Horror Literature" is the last in the collection. That's actually a good thing -- the best place to be is first, of course, but last is traditionally the anchor position in academic publishing. Of course the page at McFarland's makes it look like Ruth wrote all the essays, which is a bit irritating. The table of contents at least should clarify who wrote what. Let's hope the actual essays indicate authors (I'm sure they do -- there's an entry for contributors in the ToC).

With luck, maybe my copy will arrive soon.


Unknown said...

"...last is traditionally the anchor position in academic publishing."

Sure is!

C. Margery Kempe said...

"We are so alike in our similitude!"