Monday, May 07, 2012

Biscuits & Pillowman

Short fiction: there's something fun about it. An idea from head to page in a flash and then -- at least sometimes -- on to publication. Here's my story "Biscuits" that I wrote for a contest. I got it back with the note that while some of the judges had voted for me I did not win. Them's the breaks. I can deal. I'm just happy to share the story and grateful to the Short Humour Site for wanting to share it.

Saturday night the club down below in my Ballardian dwelling was a bit too loud so I went to bed in the guest room. Now, how lucky am I that I have a guest room to use? But the bed in it is not as cuddly as my own bed. So after going to bed around one am or so, I woke at half three suddenly. Why?

The Pillowman.

I had a picture in my head of him hiding in the wardrobe. I have to say, I should probably blame Mildred for mentioning the play recently because the students put on a production at IU. Although I suppose I should really blame the Houston Stage production that put that very image in my head years ago -- because it stayed there and came out to haunt me that night.

That's brilliant.

I crawled back to my own bed and went back to sleep. It was all right. But such power -- I want to write stories that do that. Okay, maybe not stories that frighten (well some), but stories that awe. And stay with you even years later. Oh yes.

I'm off on travels this bank holiday Monday. News when I return.

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