Monday, May 14, 2012

The Secret to Life, the Universe and Everything

My Ballardian dwelling
Well, it sounded better than "Just another manic Monday." But that's what it is and already afternoon here. I have the excuse of going very late to bed -- mostly due to the nice weather which means Club Karma has their "garden" seating now (can it be a "garden" if it's just tables in the alley?) so thumping bass wafts out along with drunken hooting and hollering conversations that get funneled up to the cul de sac outside my bedroom window and into my Ballardian dwelling.

So I go to bed late.

A few quick things: if you haven't checked out the photos from last week's trip to Brigit's Garden with the lovely Maura, do! It was a grand day out.

My flash story "Biscuits" now appears at the wonderful Postcard Shorts site. Drop by and give it a like or a share and get a chuckle out of it. I've been writing a lot of flash fiction lately because it's a nice break in between longer works. So much of writing and publishing is scraping away day in and day out with no visible results. Nice to write a story, send it out, have it appear sometimes within a very short space of time.

Who knew there was an official Flash Fiction Day? I'll have to assemble links to all mine.

If you need some entertaining, read Anne Billson's hilarious free "My Day by Jones" AKA Alien as told by the cat onboard the ship. Read my write up over at the Girl's Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse.

I've got a short piece on writers' colonies over at the blog for the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers' Workshop; drop by and leave a comment or share it with your friends.

So in addition to keeping busy, pursuing the life you want for yourself, replacing fear with hope and living fully in the now, the secret to life, the universe and everything of course remains 42.


Todd Mason said...

MY DAY, BY JONES sound far more engaging than the film was...

K. A. Laity said...

LOL, hater! It's good fun and very moggie-wise.