Monday, August 06, 2007

Trinoc*coN Survived

I'll get around to a serious write-up later, but for now, just a string of words: Liz Hand, Alex Sokoloff, George RR, the auction, the Skybox and the world's worst service *ever* in a restaurant, Furries! argh, lots of fun, lots of laughs. My reading went over well, I think. Good feedback too -- a couple of things to change before I submit it somewhere.

Yes, there are pictures. Yes, some of them of people who are sleeping and don't know the pictures are being taken of them. Hee hee.

Gene, Mildred, Birdie and I are now lazing around Susan and Ron's palatial home, surrounded by cats and a giant TV, so indolence begins big time. Giant screen tv + junkfood + friends + cats = sheer indulgence. We'll never leave...

Gene-Gene the name-check machine: What a star!

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