Friday, August 24, 2007

Birthday Boys

Today is Jorge Luis Borges' birthday. Why not stop by Ubuweb and see this fabulous documentary on his life and writing? Or pick up Dream Tigers and find yourself elsewhere.

It is also Stephen Fry's birthday. The BBC is serving some fine cake in the shape of a variety of programs commemorating his 50th, including a short show where he details some of his guilty pleasures from Abba to Georgette Heyer (I went by the local library to check out one of her books and picked up a couple of things from their on-going book sale). Fry is the eclectic kind of public intellectual that seems unthinkable at present in this country, what with our worship of everything anti-intellectual. Thinking, while not yet a crime, is certainly looked upon with contempt. Raise a glass to Fry, who sincerely believes that thinking is not only worthwhile, but entertaining and well worth celebrating. More QI!

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