Monday, August 13, 2007

Caution Tape

I tried to go in to my office to work after picking Gene up from the airport this morning. Not only are they still not done with the driveway, but they had caution tape across the front porch (presumably because the new steps had been poured -- hey, no more gaping hole!). I needed to water my plants, poor things, and grab a few books.

"Can I get to my office?" I asked one of the guys. He shrugged, so I ducked under the tape and went to my office anyway. There's one gnome still guarding the door (alas, alone now). I watered the plants, grabbed a couple of books and went back across the street to chat with Barbara, our department secretary. She had no idea how much longer all this would be going on. "My power was off for a week and a half!" Sigh. Guess no one can get much work done lately: summer on campus -- they have to cram in all the big work. We still need to get our little things done, too.

Time to get to that book review, I guess.

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