Wednesday, August 29, 2007

One Down

A day of teaching done -- and it wasn't too bad. Well, there was the lack of sound in the "smart" classroom where I'm teaching the film class, which is a bit of a problem (obviously). I thought perhaps I missed something simple, but the tech guy was unable to find the problem either (good thing media support is in the first level of the same building). He brought us a media cart and promised the problems would be solved. Fingers crossed.

Teaching is always an anxiety-provoking endeavour: the struggle to do well, to always wonder if you're doing it well enough, and the ever-quiet Saint Rose students staring at me with their big eyes. the difficulty is always getting them talking. It helps that I've got three repeats (i.e. students who have been in a class with me before) in the creative writing class and four in the film class. The latter looks to be lively -- a variety of students were speaking up on the first day, so yay.

I put an image from the gallery at Gode Cookery at the top of this post. It's a great site with recipes for medieval food, but they also have this great collection of clip art. I always dip into it for images on my syllabuses (I always put images on my syllabuses, somehow it looks a little more lively, or so I imagine: does a student faced with a very detailed syllabus in a 10 point font really feel somewhat cheered to see a lovely medieval woodcut at the top of it? Let's hope).

It still feels good to realize I have only three classes to teach (goodbye 4/4 load!) and they're reasonable in size -- and not one of them is composition! Hurrah -- and two are explicitly medieval, so yay me.

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