Friday, August 10, 2007

From Trinoc*coN to 2Pi-Con

Friday at Trinoc*coN: We arrived Friday from a trouble-free journey (little did we know what lay ahead for the return!) to see almost instantly Susan, Mildred and Birdie pulling up at the curb. We headed off to the hotel. Things were just getting underway, so we checked out the dealer’s room and a viking figure was thrust upon me. We were surprised to see a rep from McFarland there (Horrifying Sex is a McFarland book) but he had some deals, so we cam home a with a few more titles.

We were supposed to have a rehearsal of Con-Eire at 6, but we were missing a few cast members (Lee and Laura were at another con and Van was re-scheduled opposite the play), so our first job was to recruit some brave souls, which we managed to do (well, Susan and Mildred did). We had our first of too many meals at the Skybox, AKA the black hole where service died. Somehow we managed to get back in time for the Meet the Guests session, then set up for the radio play at 9. Intrepid newbies filled the ranks and were an excellent addition. Best of all, it was being recorded! What fun –

Except for one thing: the fire alarm.

Sharing the convention space that weekend was a reunion. We had thought it was a very large family reunion, but it turned out to be a reunion of people who used to live in Newburgh, NY. About a third of the way into the play, the fire alarm went off and we all had to go outside. Later we found out that it was a kid in the reunion bunch, but at the time, who knew? What pros -- the cast returned, picked up from the top of the page and went on as if there were no break at all. We celebrated with drinks at the bar and in the room (cheaper that way).

Friday at 2Pi-Con:
With Gene grounded in NC, I was on my own. Fortunately I had a pleasant detour before things started with the Hatfields who were in the area for a trip, so we met up in Northampton for a late lunch at the Japanese/Chinese restaurant (because the Tibetan restaurant was closing between lunch and dinner. Great to see them and catch up a little.

I got here in time to check in, see my room with the enormous bed and get my badge before the first panel on Buffy. My fellow panelists were there -- there was just one problem. We didn’t have an audience. After a little searching, we turned up one and eventually another came.

Which was more than I got for my reading. Ah well. But I did make some of the necessary edits to the zombie western story, so that was worthwhile, as well as doing a little other writing.

At 9 was the Doctor Who panel, where we at least had as many audience members as panelists (2) so that was something. Since I have not seen most of the early DWs, I thought I should have been on the other side of the table, but oh well. Hopefully tomorrow there will be more folks in attendance.

More on both tomorrow -- right now I have to go down to the lobby where the wireless is.

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Hey, if you need a run down on Early Dr. Who, let me know...