Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Travel Update

After spending all day either calling to get Gene's ticket altered, or at the airport not catching my flight, we're feeling a bit irked and tired (not to mention still sick, in Gene's case).

We typically threaten Susan every year after Trinoc*coN that we'll never leave. I think she's beginning to fear it will be coming true. Fingers crossed, I leave tomorrow morning at 6.30 by way of Cleveland this time. The delays tonight would have made sure that I did not catch my connecting flight to Albany and would have had to stay in Newark overnight. Lovely.

For Gene, we found out it was cheaper to cancel his current ticket and buy a one way on Southwest. $100 to change and $200 difference in the ticket for him to leave on Friday, so he'll be leaving Monday morning -- missing 2Pi-Con entirely, which is a shame. But he's definitely not up to travel at present. Nothing quite a s painful as an earache.

Good thing Susan and Ron are welcoming hosts to unexpected guests :-}

Poor Kipper!


Susan said...

Exceedingly rare for you, but you chose the wrong word. Fear is incorrect, hope is the correct term. *g*

C. Margery Kempe said...

Hee hee -- and that house of yours just cries out for guests. If it isn't us, it will be family!

[insert ominous chord]