Thursday, August 02, 2007

Trinoc*coN Bound!

We're off quite early in the morning for our annual junket to North Carolina for Trinoc*coN and a chance to meet-up with our friends. Susan and Ron are our hosts, Mildred and Birdie are our entertainment ;-) Well, so are the cats.

Trinoc*coN's GOHs include George R. R. Martin, Matthew McFarland and Thomas Fleming. I'm particularly pleased, too, that they got Elizabeth Hand as a special guest. Friday is the performance -- and recording! -- of my radio play Con-Eire, which ought to be a lot of fun. Trinoc*coN is a small con, so you get to see more without feeling so overwhelmed (i.e. DragonCon).

Of course, the best part is seeing friends. We're going to hang around a couple of extra days so we can play, chat, eat too much, watch bad horror movies (and maybe some good ones, too), loll around in Susan's new house, and as usual, threaten never to leave.

I can't believe the Tori tickets for the Palace Theater show go on sale tomorrow while we're in the air. If I wanted to pay $110, I could get a VIP ticket today. Fingers crossed, it won't sell out before I get a chance to buy a couple tickets. It would be the first chance to see her in our new home.


The Queen said...

...and where can we hear your wonderful play?

C. Margery Kempe said...

Well, if all goes well, I'll be able to post it as a podcast or something once it has been edited together.

Long story -- maybe tomorrow if I get home.