Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Ah ha! I woke up with an idea this morning to do another round of interviews on the blog (inspired by Alan Partridge of course). I'm always taken aback when I realise how many of my friends don't know each other -- not surprising I suppose with my globe-trotting ways, but I always seem to assume that anyone who knows me knows everyone else I know.

Silly me!

So I've sent out the first round of invitations to people I thought might be cajoled into participating. It's meant to be fun, not onerous in any way! You don't even have to tell the truth. Just a way to share the wonderful people I know with each other -- and yes! Of course I will turn the tables on myself at the end of the month. You needn't wait for an invitation: feel free to email me and say you want to be part of Know-vember. Because you do!


Todd Mason said...

"We are always happy to build the dossiers...on the contacts of such expatriate operatives as Dr. Laity..."

K. A. Laity said...