Tuesday, November 01, 2011


 There was a persistent magpie knocking at my balcony window and then at the kitchen window yesterday morning. Usually there's a pair. Maybe she was asking if I'd seen her mate. He was probably down the pub.

 Lame, but this was the full extent of my costuming! I didn't have any parties to go to, so I didn't feel obliged to come up with something fantastic. Yes, I am hanging my head in shame.

But I did go out to dinner with Michael and Leslie at the Kings Head; while ambling down Quay Street afterward we saw this sign and it made us chuckle. There were lots of folks in costumes and a few kids out guising, but no one came to my door so I have oodles of chocolate left. Fortunately, I only bought candy I like...

We stopped by the Salt Hill Pub down on the Claddagh side of the Corrib. As I'm off to Scotland on Thursday, I had a Brew Dog which was quite good.

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