Friday, November 04, 2011

Know-vember: Adele

Thanks to the lovely Adele (@hagerat) for being the first volunteer! Adele runs UnBound (your home for reviews and news on spec fic works) and has awesome skills at kickboxing and baking (a religion has been founded around her baked goods -- that's how tasty they are). And look: she's just as cute as can be swathed in a sloth!

1. What's the first thing you do upon waking in the morning?

Hit snooze. Then turn off my alarm, pet ginger cat who is usually sleeping on the bed and looking huffy about the noise, check email and twitter on my iphone (addict) then crawl out of bed. 

2. What's a song you might be persuaded to dance to?

Country music makes me want to dance. Shanghia Cigarettes by Caitlin Rose is a good one. But I only dance in the house with all the curtains closed. 

3. Where in the world do you live?

East Midlands, UK, in a little village. 

4. What's a great night out for you?

My nights out tend to consist of kickboxing training, which is how I like it. I can have my arm twisted for food and a film. 

5. What's a great night in?

Book, cat, movie, laptop. Life is good.

6. If you were offered an all expenses paid trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?

New Zealand I think, it appeals. Although a long lazy tour of Europe would be fun too. 

7. What book do you wish everyone would read so you could talk about it?

The Office of Lost and Found by Vincent Holland-Keen coz it's mad as Badgers. 

8. What movie makes you cry?

Nothing recently although i used to sob every time at the Muppets Christmas Carol. I've toughened up since then. 

9. What makes you laugh?

Most things, I'm easily amused. 

10. Are there fairies at the bottom of your garden?

No. They moved out because of the Cats, there is a Dragon though. 

Thank you, Adele! You're the tops!


Todd Mason said...

But what do the cats make of the sloth stole? (I'm surprised that a kickboxer is at all shy about dancing. I'm not really shy about dancing, and I'm a shambler at best, or a lumberer...)(not the same thing as a logger, or even a blogger, no...) I foresee a lot of people who like an evening of reading, though clearly not solely that...

K. A. Laity said...

The cats seem to reconcile other furry critters provided they do not muscle in on the food. I think I could persuade Adele to kick around the room to "Kung Fu Fighting" I bet...

K. A. Laity said...

And yeah, I wouldn't want to lay money against reading showing up as a common activity. Hmmmm....

Todd Mason said...

Alice's newest cat, having difficulty integrating with the two other adult cats, showed great affection for one of the puppets Alice had purchased as therapeutic toys for her child clients/patients (she's a child/adol pshrink) orang baby. All three cats found the lion puppet disturbing. Big cats bad, small fuzzy anthropoids good.