Saturday, August 16, 2008


Hands down, the strangest thing I've seen in some time: a chipmunk eating a snake. It may be old hat to more knowledgeable folks, but it was a surprise for me to see out the kitchen window here at Domus Crispini. Naturally, I googled to see whether this was the least bit unusual and found this proof, but I ought to mention that this was no baby snake being chomped on. When I went out to take a picture of it (what? you're surprised?!) I could see it was easily about fifteen inches long -- erm, what was left anyhoo. The head was long gone. However, I forgot that there's no Bluetooth on this laptop and I didn't bring cables for the PDA, so there the picture sits until I return.

The chippie chawed away until her cheeks were full and then sat and scratched a few fleas away, no doubt thinking, "Hmmm, what's for pudding?" Apparently the raspberries that grow by the side of the pool matched snakemeat perfectly. She's probably sitting her burrow now with cognac and a cigar.

Of course, the news from the Mac store was not good. They could patch up my G4 for $300 and it might work for a bit longer, but it is only a matter of time (days, weeks, maybe even months) before she's completely dead. The tech guys were sufficiently impressed to see a PowerBook of this vintage still running, but the truth is there's not much hope. Why do I seem to hold onto electronic gadgets far past their expiry date? My PDA is (relatively) ancient and my US phone on its last legs. I suppose it's just the inconvenience of replacing things that get such constant use. Ugh -- the thought of transferring files to a new computer fills me with despair.

Finished the Ginger Geezer, which I enjoyed despite its inevitable end with tragedy -- Vivian's death by fire in his own bed after some very trying last years. But I don't much feel like writing about the book yet, so I have dived into Nabakov on a whim, glorying in his vocabulary which makes me look up words like "phocine" (no, not going to tell you, you have to look it up, too).


Anonymous said...

Having just retrieved my own dying laptop from Best Buy's Geek Squad and spending two full days reinstalling old files on the freshly sanitized hard drive, I was horrified to read about YOUR dilemma.

Oh, Dear Kate, we are a true testament to back-ups, eh?

It was frightful for a few days when no photos, videos and writing from my last week in Ghana had been doubled up on the external. I was overjoyed when my notes and drafts were eventually rediscovered within the layered heaps of file folders those precious Geeks had pulled from the wreckage.

It is wonderful to hear that your writing is going so well. Even in your eloquent postings, it is evident that you are truly on a roll. Cheers to all you have accomplished!

(And hello to the cat.)

C. Margery Kempe said...

Back-up should always be the mantra! Because I ping-pong between a couple of computers on a normal day, I'm fairly good about observing that rule.

Glad to hear your notes, vids and pictures were resurrected. An unimaginable loss -- most of the stuff I have is backed up in multiple places and little of it is as special as your trip mementos. 90% of my computer files is just Word files. Pictures and music make up the rest, but there's not that much of it.

Most of the time it hasn't really felt like being on a roll, but I guess things do seem to be creeping along. I haven't touched some things that I ought to be doing, but the fiction seems to be jealously monopolizing my time. Thanks for the encouragement, though -- I can never get enough.

I will convey your hello to Hamilton who will no doubt hiss and look expectantly for food.