Friday, August 22, 2008

Who Wants Pi?

The whirlwind continues: I feverishly try to complete my materials for the start of classes Monday (reminding myself all the while that the first day isn't the whole semester), make copies, then run home to pack for Pi-Con and of course, hit the road to West Springfield. Looking forward to the con, but there's a lot to do before I can leave (hey, at least WECS seems to be working at the moment, whoohoo!).

Yesterday was re-acclimation in abundance: meetings all day, surrounded by crowds of people, argh. But we had a relaxing beer at Mahar's (best bar in the world!) and fortunately, Catherine let us know that Gonzo was playing at the Spectrum (THANK YOU!) and we had time to get there for the last showing before the run ended. I had totally missed the notice that it was playing here.

How was it? EXCELLENT! As your blogger, I advise you to go see this film immediately. It does a wonderful job of bringing a larger than life character down to reality, yet in doing so conveys exactly why he became so mythic. Wonderful interviews, lots of great footage I'd never seen -- and hey, Johnny Depp ;-) Can't wait until it's available on DVD.

All right -- back to work while the Punk Rock Jukebox thrashes through my head.

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