Monday, August 18, 2008

Publication: Book

No, not a book publication yet (although creeping to the end of the novel even now), but a very short play called "Book" because that is the central issue of the narrative. More a comedic sketch than a play, I suppose, it will appear in the next issue of Mused. Yep, the same folks who published "Bell" -- another short comic sketch (guess what the third one's called? go on, guess). I'll let you know when it's up, but I just got the acceptance this morning.

Enjoying my last full day at Domus Crispini -- although it may not be the last if Fay has her way. The flight tomorrow may be delayed -- we'll just have to wait and see. Hamilton has decided to take no chances, apparently assuming that her humans have gone for good. Now rather than hissing at me when I pet her, she has cozied up to me and was even rolling on the floor at my feet, purring, licking my hands, and asking to be stroked. She even decided to play with the little blue ball I threw for her.

I can't help wondering if this house is simply hostile to electronics. The WinBook has frozen twice three times already today, even kicking into check disk mode, which seems to have helped at least. I was really hoping to maybe finish the novel today, so these freezes are extra frustrating. Fingers crossed (again).

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