Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Time for Fresh Ink

Yes, yes -- finished the novel last night. Huzzah and trumpet's blat. Sure, it's only a first draft, but that's the hard part. Revision is a puzzle with parameters set; one needs only patience. The first draft requires using both hands to dig in the grey matter, squish the stuff through your fingers, poke around for the right words and then hope it all settles back to normalcy after that rummaging (although at this point, I'm not sure I could define that).

After the long haul of the novel, I may concentrate on shorter works for a bit. Yes, there are a bunch crowding the hopper, champing the bit, etc. There are always more tales to be written, always ideas knocking at the forehead wanting out. But it's worth taking a moment to enjoy the rare feeling of satisfaction, not with the work itself (never that) but with completing the milestone. That sense of accomplishment doesn't last long -- it quickly gives way to realising that the end was rushed and to recalling an important detail neglected or character insufficiently rounded -- but I want to grasp hold of that chimera before it evaporates.

And yes, time for some new ink -- more on that later.

With luck (and the grace of Fay), the Crispinus clan return tonight and I will relinquish this sanctuary, grateful for its welcoming solitude.


Unknown said...

CONGRATS on finishing the novel!!!

You do realize, of course, that to get your ink just right you're going to need an infinite amount of monkeys...

C. Margery Kempe said...

D'oh! Not monkeys -- anything but monkeys!

Yay on finishing, eh? Seems like forever but it's quite a short span of time for me the poky writer. Sixteen months approximately (with a full time job, no less). The last one took how many years?

Crispinus said...

CONGRATS! I didn't want to ask you on the phone if you were writing, since I hate that question myself.

Sorry to see you left the Scotch -- we'll have to find a way to get it to you, unless it gets drunk by Krista's aunt (who arrives tomorrow with her mother).

Thanks again for Kitty-sitting, chimpmunk-watching! We're happy to be back, and glad we could contribute a little sanctuary to the cause.

C. Margery Kempe said...

Thanks for the congrats and THANKS for the solitude. Hamilton was quite chummy by the end.

Hey, I just figured we'd drink it together next time we're up (hmmm, labor day weekend....?). I shall have to share my lease on Plot No: 350418.

Glad you finally made it back and safely. Now you can rest up from your vacation!