Sunday, August 31, 2008


Alerted by email to the 40% off sale at the soon-to-be-closed local Borders, we headed over to see what remained -- and given the emptying of boxes last night -- what would be worth acquiring. I had one thing in mind, I'll Sleep When I'm Dead, which I had been meaning to get for some time. I began to despair of finding it as I sifted through both the biography section and the badly looted music section, but at last I found a copy and grabbed it. Then it was time to consider the choices -- I put back a bunch of Criterion DVDs which, while cheaper than they might be elsewhere, still added up to a lot (adieu, Les Enfants Terribles!). Of the many things I picked up and put back, there were only two other items that I decided to buy: Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride (not worth full price, but for the discount, yeah) and somewhat embarrassingly, Pink Floyd's The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (for which I blame my ongoing Syd Barrett fixation). Since watching the doco on Syd I haven't been able to get "Bike" out of my head and well, I guess I need some songs about gnomes and scarecrows -- the first album's not all the lugubrious, misogynist Roger Waters folderol, after all; mostly all Syd songs.

I managed to read a little of the Zevon book while making dinner (even though I haven't quite finished Aline Kominsky-Crumb's Need More Love). Cooking is always a risky idea, usually involving setting fire to myself and other things, but Gene has been sick all week and I didn't want to just heat up something from a package while I am nominally on a break this weekend. Spent the afternoon working on a story that apparently doesn't want to be written, taking a break to check up on Miss Wendy and her tribulations. One of the final calls from the Nokia, as I have finally ordered a new phone. At last I got tired of finding the battery dead every morning (the phone's my alarm clock, too). Now if only I could convince myself to transfer those files from the old computer...

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