Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hello from SF

We're here with Miss Wendy, my paper has already been given and seemed to go okay (John Lent asked me to submit it to IJOCA). Gene's presenting tomorrow at 8 (when I am chairing a panel, sigh) and Miss Wendy is presenting this afternoon (when the planned trip to the Cartoon Art Museum takes place). Argh -- always too much going on at PCA.

We've run into lots of folks since the minute we walked into the hotel, which came a bit later than we thought it would because yesterday was all about the delays. What a line for security! We finally got through, thinking we were doing fine because our tickets said boarding was at 5.40 and it was only 5.41. So we were a bit surprised to hear the final boarding called. Good thing Albany's a small airport. Of course after that we had to sit on the plane waiting in line for take off, getting us to Dulles late, where we found our connecting flight to be in another terminal, so it was a rush getting there, but we did.

The flight had the usual assortment of the know-it-all who always talks in a loud voice so you can benefit from his opinions and the useless parent who yells continually at her kids ("this is the third time I'm telling you..." No, it's the fourth and the kid knows you're not really going to do anything but threaten him). Have to invest in those noise-canceling headphones.

Then it was onto BART and around the corner to our hotel -- ah, public transportation! We had a late supper with Miss Wendy and then collapsed in bed to start it all again today.


Susan said...

If you want some decent ear buds that also work *really* well at blocking out all surrounding noises, I would recommend the Shure E2C. They work so well at blocking surrounding noises that even when people knock on my office wall before entering, I don't hear them. They usually have to tap me on my shoulder to get my attention. Then they get the added entertainment of watching me jump straight up out of my chair. *s*

Cranky Yankee said...

Your airplane horror stories are not nearly as bad as the ones I see posted on bOING bOING or other blogs. But, nevertheless, you are a braver lot than I am...TSA and the bullshit at airpouoypnfrts is half the reason I refuse to fly anymore.

Enjoy your trip!

Cranky Yankee said...


I didn't type this!!!


C. Margery Kempe said...


LOL -- I can see that jump! Thanks for the recommendation; I'll have to seek some out. When I'm working I can block out noise, but when I'm stuck on a plane, it's more difficult to do so.


Yeah, it's irritating, but I have no patience (or time) for long car trips and I could never give up traveling around the world. Time to start thinking abut India! Not sure when, but it will happen.