Friday, March 14, 2008


Somehow it will all work out, right? I'm trying to juggle too many things again, as I said I was not going to do anymore. Either I just have to accept that I try to do too much, or I need to change. I am trying to change. I have sworn before witnesses not to do the London trip next year. I'm learning to say "no" to more opportunities that might be nice, but aren't essential.

Only writing is essential -- and not every kind of writing.

In the mean time, I have a paper to finish, another to revise, papers to grade, two conferences tomorrow as well as dinner and theater with friends. At the first conference I'm only chairing a panel, but at the second I'm teaching a class on hand drumming basics. Monday is all day teaching and meetings. Tuesday is advisement day, so I'll be meeting with students all day (at least this time I remembered to schedule a lunch break). Wednesday morning we have a 6am flight to San Francisco for PCA.

After I give my paper Wednesday afternoon, I think I might have a few minutes to relax.


C. Margery Kempe said...

Oh, I forgot to mention the dissertation I'm reviewing. I figured out that I need to finish that before SF as well, because I need to mail off the form to Australia.

Crispinus said...

I feel no guilt -- we were on the calendar last summer!

C. Margery Kempe said...

Oh, this wasn't to provoke guilt -- just to remind me about how things get that way. Tomorrow, well, tomorrow was out of my hands due to the early plans with you two, and the dates chosen by other people. I suppose I could have bowed out of one or the other event, but I didn't want to do so.

Stress of my own making, yup.

Linda C. McCabe said...


I have a restaurant recommendation for you when you go to "the City" (that's what Northern Californians refer to San Francisco as).

If you have time check out

It's a San Francisco landmark and has good food at reasonable prices with a neighborhood atmosphere.

Have fun at the conference. The weather's been pretty nice as of late out here.


C. Margery Kempe said...

Linda --

Thanks! That sounds wonderful. I hope to sample a lot of cuisine while we're there. Mmmm!

I hope the weather holds, too -- at least until we get there. I'm giving a paper Wed afternoon and we're supposed to get in around 11 am. Some room for delays, but not much.