Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Loose Ends

As usual, we're trying to tie up loose ends before jumping on a couple of planes to head to San Francisco and PCA. We're looking forward to seeing lots of friends and the city by the bay (and some of its great restaurants). Of course, there's the last minute issues of packing, cat care and figuring out just how late we can afford to sleep when we have a 6 am flight.

I realise that I never got a round to the recap of Saturday's various events. It was a busy but fun day. I got up early and headed out the to the Women's Studies Conference and Saint Rose which was terrific. Although I was down to two panelists, both had fascinating topics: one on Martha Rosler and the other on Chinese beauty pageants and cultural identity.

After that I headed over to Russell Sage College with the HVPN folks, where I taught a class on hand drumming. While I'm hardly Layne Redmond or Glen Velez (although I've been lucky enough to take a class with them), I did have a great time and seemed to generate a lot of enthusiasm for drumming. I miss my drumming group in Houston, Women with Cake!

We actually had a little bit of time before we headed off to the Pump Station to meet Crispinus and his long suffering uxor, Krista, who had just returned from a conference in San Diego. My my -- the Pump Station has tasty burgers and great beer. Better yet, we could walk over to Capital Rep where we were going to see The Taming of the Shrew. They had chosen to give a Dolce Vita vibe to the production, which was fun (it even included a scooter). It's a problematic play, but it's always fun to see some Shakespeare. We got home late and started to moan that for once we were going to be caught on the wrong side of a train (living a couple blocks from a crossing, it's amazing it doesn't happen more often). However, it was perhaps the shortest train on record and we were home in no time.

Ciao! More from SF!


Chuckie58 said...

Hope you have a great trip, Kate!

Cranky Yankee said...

Have fun, you guys! And be safe! We expect a full report when you get back. :-)