Friday, March 21, 2008

Publication: Bell (now available!)

My very short play "Bell" is now up on line at Mused, the BellaOnline literary magazine. It's very short -- in fact, one might even call it a comedy sketch rather than a play, but I'm not particular what you call my writing as long as it gets published and in front of readers. Editor Jill Florio says,

In the interest of new beginnings, we also expanded our menu of Musings. Plays is the newest Department, accepting both theatrical debuts and brilliant screenplays. We kick off the Plays Department with the brilliant Bell, a whimsical exchange between a "Dictator on holiday" and a bemused passerby. It's a fun work. And we like fun here.

Kind words indeed. Check out the rest of the work in this issue, including Jill's gorgeous photo "Shades of Rock."

PCA continues at it usual breakneck pace. We had dinner out last night with Miss Wendy, Jill (Wendy's old room-mate), "GerManga" Paul and Laurel from Houston (I've run into a couple of other Houston folks here, too, which was great). There's a slight break now and then it's back to work. Panels have gone very well; with luck they will continue to do so. Miss Wendy needs the computer now, so away I go.


Cranky Yankee said...

How's Jill doing!?
Say HI to her for me!!!

Elena Steier said...

Hey, that's so funny! Excellent little skit!