Friday, March 28, 2008

SF/PCA Recap

Yeah, yeah -- late again: story of my life. What do you expect? We left on a 6am flight. I've already mentioned the irritations of that first day of travel, so I'll leave it at that. My paper on Alan Moore, as I mentioned, went well. Now to decide whether to submit it for the Inge award (named after the wonderful Tom Inge who was there, yay). Two friends are judges this year, so I'm sure they'll bend over backward to be fair, which means they'll want to be sure not to show favoritism to friends. Wednesday night we had dinner near the hotel, so nothing exciting there, but we were so tired, we couldn't find it in ourselves to go find something.

Thursday we had the visit to the Cartoon Art Museum which had a couple of good exhibits in addition to its usual holdings, including one on Mary Blair and "Sex and Sensibility: Ten Women Examine the Lunacy of Modern Love." Thursday night, coincidentally, David Hajdu was speaking there, so Gene (who's reviewing the book) and Amy (who's cited in the book) went to go see him. They managed to restrain themselves to polite questions. We managed to catch the end of Wendy's paper, which was great, of course. Dinner: Vietnamese!

Friday was a long day, with panels all day. A quick lunch (Korean BBQ! yum) was curtailed (by me anyway) to return to the medieval film panel which was a terrific and lively panel with pals Connie and Laurel and a whole lot of discussion generated (we finally had to leave because the next panel came in). I ran off to the Korvac panel afterward -- a hoot for sure. Wendy was note perfect as the self-indulgent scholar who looks at the world with scorn. Amy made the fanboys wince when she pretended to have torn random pages from her husband's comics collection. Nicole mined the humorous potential of Powerpoint's juxtaposition of the unexpected. Bobby Kuechenmeister won the Korvie (which comes with the unenviable duty of carrying the award home in your luggage -- BTW, thanks for the plug, Bobby!). We economized on dinner by going to the gourmet market and got some fantastic food, saving to splurge on sushi Saturday.

We sold all the copies of Jane Quiet that we brought with us! Thanks, folks -- let us know what you think.

All right, gotta run -- pizza to be made. More later about our visit to the Asian Art Museum (source of the above image).


Elena Steier said...

I am so proud of you for selling copies of Jane Quiet, I could cry. I love San Francisco. It sounds like a fabulous trip.

C. Margery Kempe said...

And some to people I'd only just met -- it's all due to Gene-Gene the selling machine. We have to face the possibility that this thing is gonna be big: "it's good -- very, very good. Van Johnson good."

I'm not sure it's as fabulous as your trip -- I'm envious!

Bobby Kuechenmeister said...

No problem, Kate! My officemate at Bowling Green studies the rhetoric of detective fiction, so her interest is piqued with Jane Quiet, too.

C. Margery Kempe said...

Cool! So, Bobby, is the Korvie proudly displayed in your office? Have people asked about it? The golden glow must suffuse the room!

Wendy said...

Darnit! I should have displayed the Korvie while I had it! I just stuck it in a closet. Don't make the same mistake, Bobby!

C. Margery Kempe said...

Go see Bobby's Facebook page -- he has already got his Korvie action on!