Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Review: Albany Pump Station

I forgot to mention in my write up of the concert that we first ate at the Albany Pump Station. We had been thinking of stopping by every time we got off 787 near downtown and saw it beside the ramp, but never got around to it until last night. The difficulty was finding it. While the directions seem straight forward, walking there proved confusing. We had found a parking place on the street (perfectly situated to let us drive almost immediately onto the highway) and took in the slim pickings on Pearl Street, when we decided to try the Pump Station.

Once we figured out it was behind the Albany Visitor's Center and the French bistro, we were all right. We started out with some of their micro brew and an appetizer. I got the porter and Gene got the Hefeweizen. They were both excellent. Our spinach and asparagus dip arrived in a little boulle with two bread sticks stuck into it like flags so it looked like a Tiki drink rather than an appetizer. The dip spilled over the sides in abundance and there were both crackers and crudités to scoop up the dip. It was quite good although a bit too light on spinach for us (we love spinach).

Our burgers came and were they yummy! Considering that a couple of places we've been to recently refused to cook burgers anything but well done (blech) it was a pleasant surprise to have them actually cooked to order (medium and medium rare). Gooey cheese and thick bacon went well with the chipotle barbecue sauce. The rolls were not too mushy or bland, in fact, I think they were onion flavored. The fries were the coated-with-extra-starch kind that Gene really likes. I'm less fond of that -- just let me taste the potato! -- but dipped in some mayonnaise they were fine.

We'll definitely be back to sample more beers and some more of the entrees, although I bet I won't be overhearing ladies room conversations about "How many times have you seen her?" [meaning Tori of course] Not too expensive, either -- a good experience!


Crispinus said...

Damnit! Could you just stop, please, having, like, a life, and going to all the places we want to take you. Well, could you?

We went there after a Captial Rep show last month -- during Albany's Restaurant Week. Fixed Price Menu = Huge ass crowd. Waiting time = 1.5 hours. familia Crispini = out tha door.

C. Margery Kempe said...

Clearly, Crispinus, you need to move faster! We don't sit around and wait for anything ;-)

Well, actually we sit around a lot because it's the best way to type on a computer -- or as in this week, grade papers (AKA the never-ending story).

But we don't wait!

We heard about Restaurant Week maybe midway through it, but we were too busy at the time to take advantage of it. Maybe next time -- although it hour and half waits are normal, maybe not.

The Queen said...

So, this is where you'll take Bernie & I when we visit you & Gene? Fabulous!

C. Margery Kempe said...

Indeed! We'll take you there for dinner then go to Mahar's to fill in our passports. Oh, yeah!