Friday, October 19, 2007

Corvid Sightings

Last night at my pal Barb's new house, we were greeted by her new door mat with a raven and a line from Poe's immortal poem, images of crows and ravens everywhere, and better yet by some Legendary Magpie Mead! Quite tasty -- and local, too. We're going to have to get some for ourselves.

I had an email from friend and former UHD colleague (now in Colorado) Jim, who among his many talented forays was recently photographed for a new project by the Corvo Brothers. "You'll like their work," he said -- and he was right. Can't wait to see what they do with his photo. His wife Angela Beloian is an amazing artist as well, and their son Nelson has apparently become an adept musical composer already (as well as model: follow the Corvo Bros link above to Oddities, then Orphans. He's l'enfant terrible).

Time to get back to work on the Halloween cards -- and then revising my essay on Terry Gilliam's Tideland. Although looking at the department newsletter yesterday, where my list of publications filled most of a half-page column, perhaps I should slack off a little (as I imagine hearing muttered comments of "over-achiever" from my colleagues).

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