Monday, October 08, 2007

Publication: Folklore/Cinema

Hurrah! First off, there's no department meeting today as it counts as a holiday (silly as that may be). Better yet, I just ran across the street to check my mailbox. Rather than the student papers I was expecting (hmmm, wonder where they are?) I found my latest publication, "The Virgin Victim: Reimagining a Medieval Folk Ballad in The Virgin Spring and The Last House on the Left" in the collection Folklore/Cinema: Popular Film as Vernacular Culture (yes, colons are required by law in all academic publications to give the impression that there's just too much information to pack in). In the introduction, editors Mikel Koven and Sharon Sherman write, "Laity's chapter exemplifies what we hope to establish within this book: a well-considered analysis of a film with specific reference to its use of folklore and an eye on the cultural contexts of production and consumption which inform and are changed by human transmission and expression."


I can't wait to find time to read the rest of the collection -- looks like some interesting essays. Hey, shouldn't you be ordering a copy (or reviewing it somewhere)?

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Cranky Yankee said...


Because of my interests and personal studies, my professor/advisor wants me to study under a folklorist as part of my Public History degree. Problem is, there aren't any in Connecticut!