Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Hi-jinks

Saturday morning dawned dark and dreary but we didn't care because we were headed for fun. Well, we cared a little as it was a bit miserable across the Berkshires, but the savings of $.25 per gallon of gas helped ease the pain. We arrived at Miss Wendy's to enjoy a sweet white chocolate martini (mmmm) and some chili (mmm) as we chatted, brainstormed her costume and watched horror films.

Once our costumes were assembled, we headed over to the Boojumhaus to start the evening rolling. the costumes, of course, were amazing. Everyone knows the Boojums' party is all about the friendly competition. It is friendly, but oh so competitive! The standards are high. I have to admit I wasn't really feeling up to it -- too much busyness. My elaborate idea will have to wait until next year. I went with comfortable and easy, although I think it was nonetheless creative: Baron Samedi, the voudoun loa. I had his vévé drawn on my back (see picture above) and it gave me an excuse to die my hair purple. Gene, however, finally went with an idea he had had for a long time and it paid off: he came home with the top trophy! His costume:

Raggedy Andy Warhol

Miss Wendy was the last survivor of the Donner Party. The three of us walked away with most of the prizes, too. Wendy won the bats in the belfry toss and pin the bone on the skeleton, while I triumphed in the modified apple bobbing (it's all about the bite radius). The Boojums themselves were in fine style, Rod and Elena hilarious, and the Queen and Bernie -- well, you just have to cruise through the pictures and see the rest of the folks because I'm tired of making links. It was great. Nobody Halloweens like the Boojums!

Sunday when we got up we headed over to Nita's for a fine breakfast, then it was on the road to Robert's where we had a fine feast with little nibblies and some faboo roast beast. We got home and watched one of the films we borrowed from Robert and then it was sleepy time.

Monday was a long day -- grading that had been neglected over the weekend, meetings and paperwork, but in the evening, we had the Devil's Night reading hosted by the Saint Rose chapter of Sigma Tau Delta honor society. Great fun in part because Gene was the emcee and I got to quiz the students on famous lines from horror films, then read Joe R. Lansdale's "Dog, Cat and Baby" to howls of horror and delight. Then it was run home, prepare for class and get up early again today to teach all day and try to finish catching up.

Now I have to go see what everybody else blogged!


Cranky Yankee said...

Blessed Samhain to you!
And tell Gene his camera is in the mail.

C. Margery Kempe said...

And to you! Thanks for getting the camera in the mail -- d'oh! I can't believe we forgot it.

The Queen said...

Oh, it's all about bite radius? That's not what Gene told me....