Monday, September 24, 2007

Welcome, Autumn!

Autumn is here and so are the in-laws! It's great to see Jane and Gene Sr. and they are spoiling us with eating out every night. We're full and the fridge is full of leftovers. We have a new favorite restaurant, too: Karavalli in Latham. Great food -- and such a variety! Superb service, too, which is always welcome, but best when it accompanies great food. We started with the veggie sampler and had a few things we'd never run across before. For my entree I got the Lamb Torkari which had the most exquisite sauce. We all tried it and loved it. Everybody was pleased with their choices, although Pops requested even more heat for his Vegetable Tandoori and got a little chili sauce that made it just right ("hot enough for ya?"). Such large portions! We have the leftovers in our freezer. Saturday we met Robert down at Bard to look at the campus and the Fisher Center, then lunched at Cappuccino by Coppola's restaurant. How was it? Quite good -- and again with the big portions. I'm still eating the leftovers from my "personal" pizza. Then we stopped by Larry & Bernie's house to admire the garden. Once again we missed the lotus blooming, but as it was a hot day, the frogs were out of the pond -- one on the table, one sitting on a bench, a couple others more picturesquely on lily pads. We went home laden with peppers, tomatoes and more. Thanks! Last night it was Emperor's Chinese -- and you guessed it, more leftovers. All good dishes, but I think I liked Gene's curry a little more than my pork and green beans (although that was good, too). Where tonight? Well, I guess I better figure that out!

N.B. This post features no videos or large picture or sound files, in honor of those with dial-up modems ;-)


Crispinus said...


They just opened one in Saratoga -- was gonna suggest that one next!

C. Margery Kempe said...

Oh yes! It was very yummy. We'd definitely go there, too.