Friday, September 21, 2007

British Humor

How did a gal from the midwest develop such a love of British comedy? I blame our local NPR and PBS channel. The radio played not only the Goon Show, but also I'm Sorry I'll Read that Again. On tv they introduced us to Monty Python, the Goodies and Doctor in the House. It all came at a vulnerable age when I was also besotted with the Beatles and somehow it all fit together, all around that sense of the absurd (if you don't know anything about how funny the Beatles could be -- especially John and George [AKA Pirate "Bob"] -- well, you'll have to wait for my book [currently about fifth in line among my projects]). We've been watching episodes from the Comedy Connections series which makes clear just how inbred the world of British comedy is.

Another recent acquisition as the 40th Anniversary Reunion of the Bonzo Dog Band. They're also wrapped up in that same ambience with ties to the Beatles, the Who and the Pythons. Because frontman and genius extraordinaire Vivian Stanshall died in 1995, his place was taken by comedians Paul Merton, Phill Jupitus, Stephen Fry and -- perhaps most enthusiastically -- Ade Edmondson. Yes, it takes four people to play Vivian because he was always larger than life. Below find a video from Do Not Adjust Your Set where the Bonzos were part of the cast.


CL said...

Gotta love British TV! I grew up watching a lot of those shows on our local PBS channel.

Besides Monty Python, I remember The Goodies, Abercombe & Wise, and later, Kenny Everett. Also became a drooling Dr. Who fan as well...I had a pre-teen crush on Tom Baker.

Gene Kannenberg, Jr. said...

Cranky might enjoy Time Lord Baker's seductive, dulcet tones as archived here.

The Queen said...

"Time Lord Baker's seductive, dulcet tones..."

TLB is the pre-teen geek version of Tom Jones....he just needed a really big belt buckle.