Saturday, September 29, 2007

Another one falls prey...


Miss Wendy now has a blog -- hurrah! Why am I so happy? Is it just because I'm avoiding work (oh no, not that) or is it because I have another way to learn about one of my friends? Well, as we say, a little from column A, a little from column B. The last part of the paper is always the worst and it's making me a bit crazy at the moment (but at least it's within hailing distance of the end). But I'm glad Wendy has a blog because it's another way to keep up with her. Phoning is good (although I'm not particularly good at doing it -- where is my phone? at the moment, it's anyone's guess) but writing is different. It lingers, it's visible. The ether absorbs much verbal conversation; and what chances to linger in the mind gets affected by that passage. But words on the screen have the illusion of permanence (an illusion easily adjusted) that lends them greater weight. So it's good to know some of Miss Wendy's words will be lingering in the ether a bit longer.

In her honor, here's Sailor Pluto!

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