Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hit & Run Holiday

(Apologies, of course, to My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult; that album has provided the soundtrack for many a road trip.) We took off on Thursday after my last class -- I even let them go a few minutes early, to their shock. We were hoping we could make it to the first gas station on the Masspike (gas can be as much as twenty cents cheaper in MA), but the needle was getting a little too close to the red, so we stopped at the last station in NY. We made good time after that and got to Wendy's just after 7.

She showered us with yummy food right away: brisket, salmon, matzoh ball soup, kugel -- and of course, while waiting for the main courses to heat, plenty of pâté! Mmmmm. The hard part is not completely filling up on that. While we wolfed down the food, Miss Wendy told us more about her adventures in Los Angeles this summer with the short course for advanced students (ages 13-15) where she taught them about popular culture, including a healthy helping of comics. We stayed up nattering on about this and that and watching Zodiac, but I nodded off before the end of the movie, so it was time for bed.

Wendy went off to temple for the day, so we slowly got ourselves up and packed, then headed over for quick visits to Cheryl and Marko (both conveniently located at Eastern at least on Friday mornings). Fingers crossed for the potential good news that we are certain will be forthcoming!

Back on the road once more -- this time filling up on cheap MA gas -- we got home in the late afternoon, ready (if not too willing) to get back to work again. Lots to do before next weekend, when Gene's folks will be making a visit. That will be great -- hopefully the weather will be good. While the leaves are just beginning to get touches of gold here, in the Berkshires and in Connecticut more have turned. There are already bright shadings of red and gold along the highways, particularly at the highest point of the pike. The most beautiful time of the year -- and Halloween's just around the corner!

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CL said...

It was good to see you!

We must go up and visit you soon as well! See you again at Halloween!