Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Publication: Up on the Roof

I was pleased to find my latest publication in my mailbox after the end of a very long day today. I have most of the latest Societas Magica newsletter to myself for my essay "Up on the Roof: Understanding an Anglo-Saxon Healing Practice." This is part of the longer project on women as witches in Anglo-Saxon England, which I hope to be done with very soon -- which, of course, means that I am sick of working on it. This is mostly because I have been working on it piecemeal for so long. It was the project I developed while I was on the job market so I was not able to move quickly on it (teaching 4/4 and job hunting already taking up most of my time). So many other projects crowd together at the gate (still looking shiny and interesting) that she seems too familiar and less exciting. But she deserves a proper send off and with luck, very soon she will be in someone else's hands rather than mine.


CL said...

So when you're done writing it, can we read it?

C. Margery Kempe said...

Of course! Hopefully, folks will be able to buy it as well -- but I'm sure I will make the MS version available to a select few.

The Queen said...

Oh, yes, please!