Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Yet Another Scam!

Beware of phone callers from 800-963-6230!

They will announce themselves as calling from "American Financial" and that your requested credit account has been approved. When I got the call, I asked "what credit account?" and was told that my name had been forwarded by a credit card company that had denied me an account. Yeah, right. I clearly stated that I did not want their "credit account," the woman said "That's all you have to say." When I pumped her for further information, she hung up.

I called the 800 number listed by my cell phone and got a guy who then mocked me as I tried to ask questions. So I told him I was calling the police and hung up.

Well I doubt the police will do anything, but I can enter a complaint at Consumer Action and at the FTC.


Susan said...

You should also report it to the FBI. If the caller is crossing state lines, it would be the FBI's jurisdiction anyway.

The Queen said...

Oh, reporting them can have an effect, so good for you!

And contacting the FBI is a good thing, too....