Saturday, October 14, 2006

Reason 84,373,958 Why the Internet is So Good

Not only can you find the Aurora Borealis (yes, localized in your kitchen at this time of day and year, and in any part of the globe), but you can also investigate old televisions shows that your mind retains vestigially in the darker parts of memory (not to mention the ability to annotate everything you write with words and pictures, video and sound...).

Example? you might ask. Well, somehow last night I churned up a memory of The Kids from C.A.P.E.R., a very bad Saturday morning kids show from the late seventies that my girlfriends Chris and Carla and I watched with some fondness. Naturally enough, we had to then surf the net to see what we could find and within minutes we were listening to their hit single and refreshing our knowledge of the theme song. A pinch of the Goodies, a touch of the Monkees [thanks, Gene, for correcting my spelling!] and tiny hint of the Marx Brothers: Forgot about the secret word!

Is this a good thing? Should bad seventies (or any other decade) shows live on in a kind of zombiefied ethereal amber? Is the internet really replacing my brain? I don't know -- perhaps I can Google the answer...

Well, we are off Becketting today (very different from Bunburying) thanks to Robert. Will report back later.

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