Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Heat Alleged

Things were in turmoil around here (i.e. my office on campus) yesterday but the end result was meant to be heat. As it's been in the forties lately, it would be a welcome thing to most folks in the building. Well, the first floor that is -- the other floors have heat! But no sign of it at present. Bethany and I tried to turn up the thermostat but no heat has resulted yet, but a lot more drilling and pounding has ensued.

Looking forward to the Boojum's Halloween party Saturday. Joey sends this link to vintage costumes. Still haven't quite finished my costume, but the materials are gathered and I have tried to simplify some aspects. Still need to get out the glue gun, but thanks to Gene, at least I know where it is now.


Cranky Yankee said...

OOOO!!! I LOVE your Pumpkin!
Great design....did you carve it?

C. Margery Kempe said...

Heh heh -- I'm not that talented with a knife (I tend toward the wild slashing approach). I googled for jack-o-lantern pictures and found this at someone's MySpace page. It had a nice warm glow -- which helps at the moment. Not only is a bit chilly, but they've had the doors open so it's about as cold inside as out.

Not to mention noisy! Soon I'll head off to class for some peace and quiet (hee hee).