Tuesday, October 10, 2006

From Albacon to Albacore

Okay, I lie -- we didn't actually have albacore, but we did have sushi with Robert yesterday near Bard when we went out for lunch. We got to stroll through the swanky campus: the Italian gardens, which overlook the Hudson, had lovely plants and a bunch of Monarch butterflies. We gazed in wonder at the Frank Gehry-designed Performance Center, which is hosting a bunch of Beckett. And then we went off to Woodstock to shop -- I even got some plants for my office. The beautiful fall day was too good to last, but we enjoyed it while it did.

The last day of Albacon went well, despite the usual fatigue that sets in by the last day of a con. There was the guy demonstrating the violet ray, which was both amusing and interesting. Some audience participation resulted in sparks and not a few hasty movements away from the glass. I went to the writer's workshop panel with hopes of coming away with some thoughts for my next creative writing course and I did -- including the idea of using the net and perhaps Blackboard to keep students networking after the course is over.

Another busy week begins -- with one less day. The good news -- my proposed three week intensive course at the end of spring semester has been approved! Now I just have to get students to sign up for it, but I think a good number of them will want to take advantage of one week of intensive reading, then two weeks in...


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