Friday, July 21, 2006

Trinoc-con Begins

I'll see how easy it is to type this with Squeak walking over the keyboard:

After a bit of a delay we arrived in Durham in time for lasagne -- the important stuff. Not to mention the chocolate mousse (or elk, as Gene dubbed it). We were all mesmerized by the gigantic TV, but we did manage to play with the cats and talk a good bit, as well as swill a lot of Susan's beer. As usual, it was pick on Mildred time. So easy -- but so much fun. It was all Birdie's idea (okay, not completely -- it was Gene's idea too).

Today we head over to the hotel to begin the actual con. Poor kitties -- they don't know that they won't be getting their morning treats tomorrow. We're taking our treats with us, though, in a big cooler...

My "radio play" debuts tonight -- not on the radio but as a reading at the con. Should be interesting to hear it out loud (rather than just in my head) -- hopefully the volunteer cast will get into the spirit of things (or be liberally prepared with libations). Saturday is the charity auction. Sunday is my reading -- ha ha, I did finally decide what I would read. I pulled out an old story while I was working on two new ones. One never got past page two -- couldn't get the voice right -- but the other, although unfinished, came with me. We'll see how it goes over. This time I only get half an hour, but at least I'm sharing the hour with Laura, so it should be fun.


Susan said...

Beer needed to be drank as it would ahve never fit into my refrigerator. In other words, I forced them all to drink it. *smile* Speaking of which, don't expect to see the remains of the vodka still in the freezer next year.

C. Margery Kempe said...

Ma'am, yes ma'am! Next year we'll drink it all (glug, glug).

[In Roy Scheider voice] "You're going to need a bigger cooler..."