Friday, July 28, 2006

Driving through the Berkshires

This post is brought to you by the color green:

Verde que te quiero verde -- that's the refrain of Federico García Lorca's poem "Romance Sonambulo" from his collection Romancero Gitano. I read it in high school and that refrain has stuck with me all these years: roughly, "green, how I love you green." Our teacher went into a deep discussion of how the subtleties of translation could shift the meaning of that phrase, but what remained with me was the poet's rhapsodies about the verdant world surrounding the dreamer. Growing up in Michigan, I took that green for granted -- and in the rolling hills and marshes of Connecticut, too, it seemed ever present. Four years in Houston taught me what a gift that green is -- and I am reveling in the green of our new home region.

But driving though the Berkshires yesterday was even more glorious -- all the shades of green, the wildflowers,the beautiful hills. I think I had a smile on my face the whole way. Even better, we were headed for Northampton to see the Hatfields, friends we hadn't seen in a good while -- and of course, the town we hadn't seen in even longer.

Our only miscalculation -- it was sidewalk sale days in Northampton! Ay yi yi -- the parking garage was full. First time we ever experienced that! But we drove around and, in the next lot we came across, found the sole remaining spot -- to many envious looks of the people still trolling for a space. And we were close to Raven Books, our designated meeting spot. We held back from book shopping and instead headed out for a leisurely lunch at the Lhasa Cafe which was wonderful.

After that we moseyed around the sale tables -- I picked up a couple of real bargains at Turn it Up -- and chatted some more as we went along. It was great to our friends who live out in California now, although Michele hails from this part of the world. Earlier today in an email to another friend I lamented the fact that friends don't move with you when you move. It sure would make things easier. At least there's email -- and occasional visits like this.


Cranky Yankee said...

You were in Northampton?
Did you see the bear?

C. Margery Kempe said...

No! Waaah! I would have liked to have seen the bear. I don't think I've seen a bear since we were in the Smokeys -- except for the poor bear in the cage at the gas station we always stopped by on the way to our cabin in Kaleva.