Thursday, July 27, 2006

Joshi's Icons

I got an email from Joshi asking for a missing page reference (argh! something still packed...somewhere...) but saying that both my essay and the collection look good. The book is Icons of Horror and Fantasy from Greenwood Press. Yes, this is another library oriented (= expensive) tome for reference. I'm really pleased to be part of it and take it as a compliment that I was asked. I think turning in good work in a timely manner certainly helps -- timeliness is very important to editors, as I know from being on the other side of that table. I know writers get annoyed because often once you turn something in you don't hear for a while, but there are so many factors that slow down the process. Editing is hard and thankless work that makes you tear out your hair a lot.

My essay is on the figure of the Sorcerer -- it proved to be a challenging and fun learning experience.

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