Wednesday, July 05, 2006

O Albany!

Hello from the Muddycup Cafe -- home of free internet!

We've begun unpacking and sorting, but we're taking a break to pay bills and change addresses. We don't have internet at home until early next week. Kipper is adjusting -- a bit clingy as you might guess, and hiding all day as we move boxes around. Once we sit down and relax he jumps up and meows a mile a minute. The house is small, but we have a shed and an attic, so we're choosing which dishes, glasses, etc to have in the house and which to put away for now. And we won't have both stereos set up either. All to make more room for the books -- and dvds and cds...

We couldnt' have got through all this without all the help of our friends (and a few strangers -- people have been very nice to us along the way). The only bad was the last long day - Maryland was a parking lot from end to end. I have never been so glad to see New Jersey! What should have taken half an hour took over two hours. So the very fine champagne that Robert had chillling for us tasted even better -- not to mention the cheese of many nations, the lobster-avocado-endive appetizers (mmmm) and the steaks and fancy potatoes! Wow -- quite the welcome: thanks Robert!

Our landlords and neighbors seem nice. We've been driving around with the windows down (hear that, folks back in Houston?) and sitting outside to cool off from lifting and unpacking. More to do --

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Jibe Ho said...

Yeppers. We hear dat back in Houston.

With the overcast skies, its only been a high of 87F degrees. Of course the humidity has been up to 99.9%. Maybe a bit higher in the low spots...bit deeper too. :-P

Glad to see you survived you southerly sojourn.