Monday, July 10, 2006

O Watervliet!

Hello from the library, where speech and the internet is free. We're still unpacking, still sorting, still aching. But we're making good progress and soon will be able to enjoy it and sit down -- and visit people! And have people visit. Robert visited Saturday but we were kind of listless and uncreative. We did have a good time at Yankee Dollar -- and yes, Robert, we went back to buy fine gifts for you!

I have a new phone number in the 518 area code. I'll send out a mass email tomorrow, hopefully, when our cable modem is installed. If you can't wait that long, email me. And since it's my mobile, remember it has unlimited free time after 9pm (Eastern) and all weekend.

Discovering things as we unpack -- it's almost like having new stuff! I found that two of the non-fiction books on horror that I have had for ages suddenly looked different: I knew those names in a completely different context -- they're two of the League of Gentlemen! Mark Gatiss wrote a biography of James Whale and (non-performing LoGer) Jeremy Dyson wrote a book on early horror films. Small world, huh!

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