Wednesday, July 12, 2006


After a few hiccoughs we are back on line (Mercury in retrograde, anyone?) -- in fact, our cable came just in time to see the Hergé documentary on PBS last night. It was quite good -- I didn't really know much about his life, although I first read Tintin many years ago in the pages of Children's Digest (a gift from my grandmother, I recall). I just loved Tintin in Tibet, the very first arc I read. PBS is one of the few channels we're getting -- we've decided to slim down our cable to the bare minimum. The internet access is important -- television, we'll have to get used to doing without. I think we have plenty to entertain us!

We're getting nearer the end of unpacking. Part of the reason it is taking so long is figuring out where to put things. We have less space and only a little less stuff. Some of it will go to the attic or the shed. The tough part is choosing which. I think musical instruments will end up being scattered throughout the house, which is not a bad thing, I suppose.

I've been reading Treasure Island on my PDA. With all the books packed, it was handy to have something at hand to read. I don't think I did read it as a child. I'm really enjoying it -- it's a fast-paced adventure with very little chaff. Incredible how much of the fictional pirate mythos goes back to that one text (oh yeah, we have seen the latest Pirates -- just haven't had time to write a review).


Bobby Kuechenmeister said...

Kate, I am curious to know how you like reading books on PDA versus an actual book. I noticed Sony is rolling out a portable text reader soon.

Cranky Yankee said...

You CAN go without TV!
Joey and I have been doing it for years!

C. Margery Kempe said...

Bobby -- it's no comparison! A book is the perfect reading technology. A PDA will do in a pinch -- but if it weren't for the irresistable pull of Long John Silver (should I rephrase that?) I wouldn't have been reading a whole book on it.

Cheryl -- well, you two have greater moral fibre than we do. And the addiction to the Daily Show and the Colbert Report is hard to kick. Maybe the rest of season two of Doctor Who will make us forget that pain... but we'll adapt, surely. And we do have PBS! So it's not really completely without TV.