Sunday, June 12, 2011

Running to Catch Up

That's a misleading title as I plan for this to be a very lazy Sunday. I may wander out to a museum this afternoon and get myself a Sunday roast dinner, but that's about as far as my ambitions run at present. I often have the thought of how little time I have in London this trip nipping at my thoughts, but that only makes it more grand to luxuriate in idleness. I have been busy nonetheless and it will take a while for me to get caught up on writing about all my adventures. Among  things done:

I got a poem published (yes, me!). Some print copies of Chronogram should have arrived by the time I return, but you can read "Lullaby" online (albeit in a rather unexpectedly awkward layout).

I played a theremin!

I visited the wax head of Jeremy Bentham!

I saw a giant fox!

I've been to plays, museums and galleries!


Hanging out with friends and laughing -- and a whole lot more. I love this city, and the truth about London is that you never know what might lie around any corner. Such as naked people on bikes...


Todd Mason said...

I'm glad you had the good taste to foreground the naked women. A spontaneous action or a heralded naked biking? (they, or similarly exhibitionist velocipedasts, do in Philadelphia, too).

Todd Mason said...

And did you have a cat looking with mixed disgust and envy when you played your theremin?

K. A. Laity said...

Kipper as Nipper? And um, most of those were naked men (not surprisingly). I like the naked rider who had painted on his back, "I'm not with them!"