Friday, June 10, 2011

Much Ado about Ghosts


My latest column exploits my theatre madness by making it work (as if seeing a good play were really work, but shhh! mustn't let people know how much fun we're having, right?). I ran off to the theatre after a good chat with pal Gordon Murphy which was much fun. Must do it again. But here's the write up:

David Tennant & Catherine Tate Do Shakespeare

By K.A. Laity

What we really need isn't a summer blockbuster, but a summer fling.

The Wyndham's lively 80s-themed production of Shakespeare's most popular comedy, Much Ado About Nothing, as directed by Josie Rourke offers a sunnily irresistible brightness. Despite its self-deprecating title, this frothy comedy has at its heart a painful tragedy: the ease with which men in power can destroy the lives of women on a whim. It doesn't help that the lover in question, Claudio, is a drama queen of the first order. He falls madly in love and when his boss Don Pedro works to persuade the girl to wed his friend, immediately assumes the prince wants her for himself and bitterly pouts until assured the wooing was done entirely in Claudio's name...

Read the rest over at BBHQ:

Yesterday I headed over to the Tate Modern, where I was delighted to find the Rothkos back from their tour and safely ensconced in their little temple of quiet. Good to have that little oasis available again. Withluck -- if I figure out how to get there, I will be seeing Sarah Angliss/Spacedog tonight in Hackney at an unusual event. Anon -- more fun than writing at present :-)


Todd Mason said...

Hmmm. For me, the most fun remains the writing at the moment. I'm not sure which bad thing that implies most.

But there is a high when it comes together (koff), of course.

Hope all of this interesting stuff, and getting to it, all together isn't too exhausting! Otherwise, rave on! Must really look into this vacation thing you speak of.

C. Margery Kempe said...

Todd, you need to have a lot more fun. And not just writing! I am writing bits here and there (in pubs OF COURSE). I think today may be an admission of exhaustion which takes in nothing more taxing than a Sunday roast dinner.