Wednesday, June 01, 2011

And Away We Go --

This is how hot it's been: Kipper lying on his back in front of the fan, feet in the air. Undignified. I hope it's not like this in England, but the truth is the last couple of years it has been ungodly hot. I am taking one sweater along just in case (Manchester might be chilly at least at night) but I doubt I'll use it much. Here's the vague schedule:

Land in Manchester, stay for a couple of days where I will lunch with a friend and see THE FALL! Then it's off to Great Dunmow to visit friends, then London where I'll idle for some time seeing museums, plays, concerts and of course, many friends as well as attending the Great Writing Conference. Next I'll be off to Littlehampton and the shore. A first for me (as is actually being *in* Manchester as opposed to passing through), then I'll head up to Derby and the Alt-Fiction conference which ought to be great fun. After that I'm staying with my friend Adele in Leiceister before flying back from Manchester. Whew! It's going to be fun -- and far more relaxing than it sounds because I won't be doing any work but writing.

I'll set up the Twitter feed for a bit until I'm somewhere that I can post actual coverage of the trip. We'll see if--like Robert--I end up with any LaCroix, sweetie darling (doubtful but I just wanted to say that).


Paul D Brazill said...

The Fall in Manchester! Has to be done-aaah!

C. Margery Kempe said...

Ha ha ha ha! Yes! Otherwise he is not apPREciated.


Kipper said...

Sure, you guys and your ape puns. I suppose you might leave your credit card, or at least the number on a macro, so I can order up some interesting toys and food while waiting for you to get back, and go away, again?

C. Margery Kempe said...

Oh, Kipper! You have no need of material things. And without opposable thumbs how are you going to type in the numbers? Wait, how are you typing this?!

Kipper said...

The law of (single extended) claw and peck. And, um...what non-material things do you think I'm concerned with?