Thursday, May 19, 2011

BitchBuzz: Sarah Angliss/Spacedog

Looking forward to catching some of these performances in London: I find her work absolutely fascinating.

Sarah Angliss and "Spacedog"

By K.A. Laity

Musician, engineer, writer Sarah Angliss has embarked on a round of performances under the aegis of Spacedog. Her unique combination of nerdy science knowledge, inspired music and automata brings together technology, history and the spirits of the dead, including the titular dog, Laika the canine cosmonaut.

I think I first came across her work while researching puppetry. Her essay on the "Uncanny Valley" led me to exploring the fascinating compositions and videos she has created. Angliss characterises her work as a heady mix of unexpected elements:
Trained in electroacoustics, music and robotics, I specialise in creating original sound installations, exhibits and live performances that mix cutting-edge technology with curious or vintage sound equipment and little known stories from the history of science. I’m particularly interested in creating sonic art that enables people to generate or manipulate sound using novel physical elements (e.g. robots; motion sensors). Whenever possible, I try to avoid compositions that generate music entirely through software – I find algorithmic music is richer and more delightful when it’s coupled to the real world in some meaningful way...

Read the rest:

Today's film in the horror class: the original Night of the Living Dead, which means I need to explain the 60s -- mostly that it wasn't all hippies and the Grateful Dead which seems to be the association my students usually make with the time period.


Todd Mason said...

John Hollenbeck (also here) not altogether different in approach.

Kipper said...

Sure, talk up humans playing theremins. But excellent cat thereminning you have no time for.

C. Margery Kempe said...

You're right, Kipper -- that was awesome!

@Todd -- what I like about Angliss' work is all the other things that go into it, too: The science, the robotics, the interest in the history of technology. Sweet stuff.

Todd Mason said...

Yup. Hollenbeck similarly there.

Todd Mason said...

(Kipper is just angry you're indirectly celebrating a dog.)

Todd Mason said...

Sorry! I was actually thinking of Todd Reynolds! (A name you think I'd be able to remember.)

C. Margery Kempe said...

Kipper is predictable in that regard: you should hear his scorn for tapirs!

I shall have to take a look t Reynolds. Sounds good.