Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I'm thankful for many things like the wonderful words of Kurt Vonnegut and about a billion other things that make me laugh, sing, cry and sigh. Far too many to list, though today while I made my chocolate chip cheesecake, I watched this:

I'm always thankful for the Marx Brothers. My column today also features films as my suggested Thanksgiving meal.

6 Courses of Films Perfect for Thanksgiving Day

If you need to survive the holiday by distracting yourself from thoughts of murder, what better way to do so than by fixing your glassy stare on the nearest video screen? Here are six "courses" of films to help get you through Thanksgiving.

Appetizer: Home for the Holidays

Get yourself in the right mood with Jodi Foster's film about the horrors of family, which gives a bunch of great actors a chance to play eccentric and loopy.
It's also a very human film that suggests that time heals a lot of wounds....

Read more:

Off to Bertie's for a fine fine meal; I'm bringing along a chocolate chip cheesecake for nourishment. I'm sure Robert will cook other things as well. I won't be cooking, although I might be drafted into peeling potatoes. My christmas cactus continues to beat the season:


Todd Mason said...

Never mind that, take a card...

I like the wraparounds much better than the middle courses, but that's the spice of comedy. And the Marxes' best film is always one I'm willing to see a bit of...

Happy gobblin' day! I'm always up for cheesecake, meant That kind...

C. Margery Kempe said...

What do I do with the card?

I love love love Duck Soup.

Well, I have some of the other kind of cheesecake to send you. I keep looking for the right size box, but I should just jam them into a box and actually send so they don't sit here.

Matthew Coniam said...

Hey, thanks for the link!
I only like like like Duck Soup, but I guess you knew that. And still you linked to me - here's power to you!
(By the way: the blog isn't dead, just jostling for attention among life's many distractions: back with Night at the Opera very soon!)
Thanks again,

C. Margery Kempe said...

Matthew, how wonderful of you to stop by! I love the blog and I'm delighted to hear that it's still a live. I know the jostling for attention between things feeling. Oh yeah.